End of the Line? Time to Reconsider Umbrella Brand Marketing Approaches

on Monday, 07 May 2012. Posted in Brands, Marketing to Millennials, Shopping and Spending

Going Long


The ability to leverage brand equity via extensions is among the most oft-cited reasons for having a strong brand, and with good reason. Brands that can occupy more flavor or design slots demand more mind space with customers and more shelf space with retailers. This virtuous circle makes it easier to successfully jump categories, driving sales and further enhancing brand equity.

A Shiny New JC Penney

on Thursday, 08 March 2012. Posted in Brands

Since the recession began, pundits have foreseen the end of brands. With coupon-mania gripping vast segments of society and even launching reality TV careers – upper crust as well as mainstream, working folks – consumer brands have been following the market, and one another, in a margin-eroding stupor.

Mistaking a Habit for Brand Loyalty

on Friday, 04 December 2009. Posted in Brands

These days, brands are looking for loyalty wherever they can find it. With consumers increasingly careful about spending, and even health insurance being seen by some as discretionary, brands need to hold onto as many customers as possible. Our recent work for a health care client suggests that what seem like automatic renewals may lull brands into a false sense of customer loyalty.

Local Has Cache

on Sunday, 26 July 2009. Posted in Brands

Retail vacancies are on the rise in our town and others like it across the country. City Councils and Chambers of Commerce debate mostly useless tactics that will take months or years to have an impact and don't have the funds to do much about the problem. In a recent story in the Wall Street Journal, Joseph Epstein made the case for judging a city "by the number of blocks of interesting shops it contains."

Big Retail Can Get Local – A 5-Step Approach

on Monday, 29 June 2009. Posted in Brands

While conspicuous consumption is out, people are still buying stuff, entertaining (mostly at home), and traveling (more, shorter trips closer to home). The newly cost-conscious are still in search of interesting social environments and diverse shopping, consuming and learning experiences. What’s changing is our perceptions of who provides them.

New Habits of the Formerly Upper Middle Class

on Monday, 16 February 2009. Posted in Brands

People are eager to report all the ways they’re saving money these days. Whether they’re well-off or not, everyone has a story about spending less. Some people are substituting private labels for brands. Others are simply buying less. Then there are those who are behaving differently and buying accordingly.

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