Millennials and Showrooming: The Mobile Moment of Truth

Showrooming is changing the rules of retail. As more shoppers use mobile devices in store to check prices, read reviews, comparison shop and get input, retailers, brands, app platforms and ecommerce pure-plays are scrambling to win this new Mobile Moment of Truth.


To uncover insights about the growing use of mobile devices in store, Sprint and Barkley Inc. conducted the "Sprint Mobile Moment of Truth" study. The Mobile Moment of Truth study combines a national survey of mobile-empowered shoppers with in-depth ethnographic research. The study is aimed at providing a deep understanding of the emerging phenomenon of showrooming and to explore its implications for retailers and brands. The study includes information about the tools and apps used by mobile-informed shoppers, the information they seek, the functional and emotional motivations behind showrooming and more.


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