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Gen Y to Marketers: All Millennials Are Not the Same

on Friday, 27 March 2009. Posted in Marketing to Millennials

Leah Hennessey is a Millennial with a wine brokerage business. Her blog, “Millennier” offers advice to winemakers wishing to connect with others of her generation. She starts by suggesting that Millennials are a generation, not a type, and a diverse one at that:

How Marketers Can Connect With Millennials

on Saturday, 03 January 2009. Posted in Marketing to Millennials

I am frequently asked to comment on how Millennials view their lives. To many ‘older’ people, Millennial lives seem ‘complicated’. All those gadgets! The constant connection and 24/7 activity looks exhausting. Aren’t they overwhelmed?

Role Reversal: Marketing to Millennials Through Their Parents

on Monday, 13 October 2008. Posted in Marketing to Millennials

Every marketer knows parents’ purchase decisions in everything from breakfast cereal to cell phones are often strongly influenced by their children. Wise marketers have leveraged this by marketing directly to their kids, even though they are not the ultimate decision-maker. With close relationships between hovering parents and young adults increasingly the norm, the opposite strategy may start to make sense: influence young adults’ decisions through their parents.

Millennial to Marketers: Be Quick, Be Meaningful, Be Shiny

on Tuesday, 07 October 2008. Posted in Marketing to Millennials

I just read an amazing article from Marketing (May 26, 2008) by Naomi Wohl, a young strategic planner at Ogilvy in Toronto. Millennials have a unique sense of timelessness. They want it now, and ‘forever’ has little meaning. Naomi explains why. It’s a little long, but I want to share most of it as it was written. I hope you enjoy it as much I did. She captures an essential truth of this generation that I haven’t heard expressed this well anyplace else. Enjoy!

Buy Cool Stuff, Do Good

on Thursday, 04 September 2008. Posted in Marketing to Millennials

Many brands have incorporated social responsibility into their marketing, and this approach is known to influence at least a portion of Millennials. In most cases (Tom’s Shoes being an exception), customers are required to DO something — like recycle their old sweats — to contribute. With what RetailHitsandMisses blogger, Judy Hopelain, calls ‘Millennial perfect pitch’, EBAY announced today the launch of a new shopping site,, that makes doing good as painless as shopping online. With the tagline, “Where Your Shopping Shapes the World”, this new site makes it easy to support whatever cause you like! Want to buy products that are made of eco-friendly materials, support local community services, preserve native plans and native trditions, adhere to fair trade practices, conserve energy and do not harm animals in production? You can find them here. Want to join a community that shares your passion for a cause? EBAY uses its formidable community building skills to make it easy to do just that. There’s even a Facebook link and easy way to tell others about WorldofGood.

Millennials: Just Be-Cause

on Wednesday, 20 August 2008. Posted in Marketing to Millennials

One of the most cherished Millennial values is ‘making a difference’. This makes cause marketing a natural choice for many Millennial marketers. Tom’s Shoes has leveraged both cause marketing and community-building so naturally, it looks effortless. In case you missed it in an earlier post, Tom’s promises to donate a pair of shoes to a child in need somewhere in the world for every pair of shoes it sell. Talk about effortless, it’s consumerism as altruism. Hey we all need shoes, right? The shoes are well-made and there are endless variations on the basic design. The Toms web site invites you to ‘get involved’ by joining a ‘shoe drop’ or simply joining the mailing list. In between these two options is a smart take on community-building / viral marketing / customization (yes, all three in one) called ‘Style Your Sole’.

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