Researching the Millennial Mind

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Millennials want to share their ideas, but ordinary surveys and focus groups are just one way to talk to them. This presentation discusses some of the more innovative ways marketers can use to better understand this key demographic cohort. Download page: Download this November 2010 PowerPoint Presentation, “Researching the Millennial Mind.” This presentation was shared at the Digital Behavior, A Generational Divide conference in Toronto, ON by Carol Phillips of Brand Amplitude.

Millennial Marketing Case Study

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The University of Notre Dame wanted to increase donations from young alumni, those who graduated within the past 10 years. This presentation describes how Brand Amplitude helped Notre Dame learn more about what motivates young donors and how to encourage them to step up their giving. Download page: Download this Dec. 2011 PowerPoint Presentation, “Exploring and Encouraging Young Alumni Giving”. This presentation was shared at the CASE V conference on higher education marketing in Chicago, IL by Carol Phillips of Brand Amplitude and Tim Ponisciak of Notre Dame.

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