To Understand Millennials, You Need More than Surveys

on Friday, 01 July 2011. Posted in Research

On June 29, Ad Age published an article with the provocative title, “Stat of the Day: 68% of Millennials Ask Friends Before Deciding on a Restaurant“. The article was widely tweeted – 179 times from the Ad Age site alone.  But the overall tone was kind of snarky, like Millennials can’t make up their minds.

The Secret Life of Market Researchers: Engaging Gen Y

on Friday, 08 January 2010. Posted in Research

To really understand Gen Y, it’s important to get beyond survey data and really talk to them, using qualitative methods.

Millennials Research: Surveys Are Just a Start

on Thursday, 07 January 2010. Posted in Research

Yesterday, we announced the launch of the Millennial Marketing Wiki, a resource for those interested in learning more about Generation Y. It is our hope that, in the spirit of Web 2.0 sharing and community building, it will become a go to resource for the great free survey data that is being published everyday.

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