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Mobile Phone ‘Shoptimizers’ Rule the Selling Floor

on Monday, 15 October 2012. Posted in Research, Marketing to Millennials, Shopping and Spending

Smartphone-enabled shoppers are increasingly the norm. The most savvy tech-enabled shoppers, about 10% of all smartphone users, provide a beacon for understanding how we may all shop in the future. These 'Shoptimizers' are distinguished by their shopping behavior and attitudes, and can be found among all age and demographic groups, young and old, rich and poor, employed and unemployed.

End of the Line? Time to Reconsider Umbrella Brand Marketing Approaches

on Monday, 07 May 2012. Posted in Brands, Marketing to Millennials, Shopping and Spending

Going Long


The ability to leverage brand equity via extensions is among the most oft-cited reasons for having a strong brand, and with good reason. Brands that can occupy more flavor or design slots demand more mind space with customers and more shelf space with retailers. This virtuous circle makes it easier to successfully jump categories, driving sales and further enhancing brand equity.

Understanding the "Always On" Millennial Shopper

on Thursday, 08 March 2012. Posted in Marketing to Millennials, Shopping and Spending

Few others are as dedicated to the art-of-the-deal as young fashion conscious shoppers. Armed with an investigating mindset, more time than money, and an arsenal of online and mobile tools to quickly filter -- and find -- the things they want to buy, they represent a new and elusive type of shopper.  Here are some of the things we have observed about the savviest of young fashion shoppers.

Millennials: Young and Poor in America

on Friday, 23 December 2011. Posted in Shopping and Spending

At my stage of life, with kids in college and in the midst of a recession, I am thinking more of downsizing than upsizing, paying down rather than taking on. I have just about every non-consumable item I’ll ever need, and I prefer to ‘repair’ over ‘replace’ unless absolutely necessary. The economic engine will have to look elsewhere for a jumpstart.

How Millennial Shoppers Will Change the Retail Industry

on Monday, 28 November 2011. Posted in Shopping and Spending

Millennials are taking Depression-era frugality to a whole new level. Finding themselves with more time than money and armed with total pricing transparency and unlimited selection,  Millennials are pushing retailers to learn new tricks.

Millennials Want More From a Grocery Store

on Friday, 08 July 2011. Posted in Shopping and Spending

Millennial spending power has started to rocket.  According to a press release by CampusAuction, “Millennial spending shot up 13% in 2010 to $306 Billion from $270 billion in 2009. This development was totally predictable and very likely to continue as more of this 70-80 million strong cohort gets a toe-hold in the job market and starts to advance.

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