Brand Assets

A brand’s assets generally fall into two categories: Imagery and Performance. In this step, we inventory and assess the assets a brand has at its disposal to strengthen its position in the mind of customers. The inventory can include intangibles such as brand or product perceptions, as well as intellectual property and patents.

Why it matters:

  • All brands have existing elements, associations and capabilities that comprise their equity
  • These equities represent a diverse set of tools for making a brand memorable, relevant and distinctive
  • These elements define the “How” of the value proposition – what the brand does and how well is delivers against the customer’s expected quality or performance standards for the category.

Brand Asset Inventory

  Brand Element

Assessment (Memorability, Meaning, Likeability, Transferability, Adaptability, Ownability)   

Patents & Intellectual Property    
Core Competencies & Industry Distinctions    
Use Cases