Customer Profiles

Customer Profiles are the first step of Brand Strategy development. They reflect the distillation of the most relevant insights from the planning process to facilitate identifying the number of distinct targets for positioning.

Why it matters:

  • In the marketing planning process, priority customer segments and key decision makers (buyers and users) were defined
  • These definitions need to be elaborated into insightful personas to enable tailored and relevant communications
  • Decision makers with similar profiles can be addressed with common positioning and messaging, thereby providing opportunities for leverage and marketing economies of scale

The framework below is shown for a B2B brand. It can easily be adapted to B2C brands.

Customer Profiles

Segment: Business Type
Relvevant Insights Buyer / User Persona 1 Buyer / User Persona 2 Buyer / User Persona 3
Decision Criteria or Motivators      
Usage Behavior      
Decision Process      
Information Sources & Influences      
Brand Name Importance      
Role of price