Download Our How-To: How to Conduct a Brand Audit

brandcoverA Brand Audit describes and evaluates the current state of a brand and its effectiveness in achieving a company’s business objectives. This assessment is the first step in brand strategy development and is used as a diagnostic tool for determining where the brand strengths lie and for identifying its potential vulnerabilities or shortcomings. It is the foundation on which the other steps depend. In this step you should use all available information sources, internal and publicly available. You may decide to take the time to conduct new research to supplement what you know or fill in the gaps.

A brand audit:


  • Assesses how well the brand is delivering against the company’s objectives
  • Identifies customer wants, needs, and trends at the category level
  • Inventories and categorizes all existing brand elements and assets (trademarks, sub-brands, logos, taglines) in the brand portfolio
  • Describes relevant competitive market trends and your brand’s strengths/weaknesses Evaluates the brand’s current image (how it is perceived by customers and other key stakeholders) Identifies potential sources of differentiation, tablestakes, vulnerabilities

Conducting a Brand Audit is the first step toward articulating a strategy. Learn what makes a good brand audit – the types of information you need to consider and a framework for putting it all together.