Brand Amplitude’s toolkits summarize the key frameworks and concepts marketers use to plan effective brand strategies. Download them here, or request our new e-book for the latest tools and templates.

Defining Brand Identity

bluepopBrand Identity is the foundation of brand strategy development. Here's our framework for developing a brand identity with examples and templates to inspire and guide your brand building efforts.

How To Conduct A Brand Audit

orangepopsA brand audit is the first step in brand strategy development and is used as a diagnostic tool for determining where the brand strengths lie and for identifying its potential vulnerabilities or shortcomings.

Brand Architecture Toolkit

greenpopLearn how to coordinate and optimize the brands in your portfolio for a clearer presentation of your value proposition to key audiences.

Marketing Planning

redpopLearn about the elements of an effective marketing plan.

Measuring Brand Equity

yellowpopEnhancing brand equity is a brand manager’s important job. Learn how to determine what aspects of your brand need to be measured to assess and improve performance.