View a Demonstration: Laddering Research Using Opinion Chat

smallopinionchatConsumers can’t always tell you why they do what they do. Laddering is one of the most effective research techniques for revealing true customer motivations.. Understanding the connections or ‘pathways’ between consumer values and brand characteristics helps marketers know which ideas are most important in driving decisions. Our Opinion Chat software is specially designed to facilitate laddering interviews and analysis.

An interview sample (6 min)

A standard Opinion-Chat session as seen from the perspective of an interview participant. The interviewer conducts the interview using audio on the participant’s system. The participant responds using text chat.


Laddering example (4 min)

Laddering is a questioning technique that reveals the motivation behind attitudes and decision making behavior. This video provides a brief look at the use of laddering in an Opinion-Chat interview.


Starting an interview (3 min)

Opinion-Chat is designed to be accessible by the broadest possible set of participants. It uses web-standard technology, imposing no demands (or risks) on participant systems.