The gap between brand strategy and customer experience design can be daunting. Marketers connect their brands with customers through compelling positionings based on enduring benefits. They carefully define the perceptions they intend to create or reinforce through these positionings, ideally in emotional or expressive terms.

Yet, there are few road maps for translating those desired perceptions into tangible experiences. How do we move from voicing the strategy to creating the experience that will move the brand forward?

At Brand Amplitude, we help marketing teams bridge the gap between strategy and experience design by identifying the Defining Moments that will trigger the desired emotional response.  Not all experiences matter, and most of the time, meeting expectations is enough. But moving a brand toward its vision requires one or more experiences that evoke strong emotion because they are more powerful, memorable and lasting.

For example, to gain or increase customer trust, brands can focus on moments that offer meaningful and welcome relief to real problems and annoyances. The result is the brand will be seen as “helpful” or “a good partner.” Likewise, to get customers to see the brand as a source of inspiration or support, focus on navigating customers to moments of real insight or new ideas. The pride customers feel in those moments will increase their respect for the brand and improve their perceptions of it as a valued resource in their personal growth and development.

The chart below illustrates some of the relationships between feelings evoked and the resulting brand perceptions.  It is a useful starting point for teams looking to make a greater impact on brand health, customer retention and profitability through the brand experience.

brand defining moments in the customer experience

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