Effective brand management requires feedback. Positioning concepts, message and creative can be refined and enhanced by understanding customer response. We tailor-fit each project to the stimuli to be tested, using a variety of qualitative and quantitative approaches.

All of our engagements are led by our team of experienced research professionals, and never outsourced. We do all our research in-house, including recruiting and data analysis.

Our focus is on actionable findings, and we include key decision-makers in our process upfront to help ensure recommendations are acted upon.

Market Research

  • Meta-Analysis of Existing Information & Gaps Assessment
  • Current Customer & Market Profiling
  • Market Trends Identification & Analysis
  • Opportunity Sizing & Assessment
 Exploratory Research
  • Insights Explorations (IDI’s, Online Focus Groups, Ethnography)
  • Customer Decision-Making (Laddering & Decision Mapping)
  • Segmentation (Customer, Need States, other)
 Brand Measurement 
  • Brand Equity Measurement
  • Awareness & Perceptions Tracking
 Quantitative Testing 
  • New Product Concept Tests
  • Positioning Evaluations
  • Packaging Tests
  • Communications & Message Tests
Download for a complete description of our insights offerings pdfQualitative Insights2.64 MB and pdfMeasuring Marketing Effectiveness1.57 MB.