Strong brands don’t happen by accident, they require careful planning, nurturing and investment. A complete brand platform has three elements

  • Value Proposition describes the brand’s core reason for being.
  • Brand Vision provides a multi-dimensional description of what the brand aspires to be.
  • Brand Positioning explains how the brand plans to communicate to its target audiences about why they should choose it over other alternatives.

Together, these elements provide a solid foundation for planning brand investments and a roadmap for brand development over time.

Brand Platform

The Brand Identity Toolkit

Our Brand Identity Toolkit describes the frameworks we use with our clients to develop a complete Brand Identity platform. They are flexible and relevant to B2C and B2B companies, as well as to non-profit organizations. When combined with clear business objectives, a careful brand audit, and a profound understanding of the target, these tools provide a powerful guide for brand development. We have used them successfully with clients ranging from CPG products to healthcare to high tech services.

One client, Vidashield™ UV Air Purification, used these frameworks to create a brand platform that guided communications across multiple touchpoints, from web to sales team. To learn more and read the case history, download our Brand Identity Toolkit. pdfBrand Identity Toolkit1.15 MB