Joomla! has become the go-to format for CMS website that need expandability and advanced functionality; where WordPress can't compete. WordPress is great for blogs but once you've installed all the required widgets and plugins, you have nothing short of a mess. We've inherited enough of these to know. 

The answer keeps pointing back to Joomla!, time and time again. If you want an open source, free, CMS platform that comes ready for deployment, out of the box, this platform is the answer. And, Aradise has been with Joomla! since Joomla 1.0, so we know what we're talking about. Joomla! also has a considerable community behind it, offering support, customization, extensions and regular updates to the core of the CMS platform.

Aradise has deployed nearly a hundred Joomla! websites over the last 15 years. Additionally, at any given time, we manage approximately 20 sites, handling security patches, extension upgrades, expansion, content development and social media connectors.

So yeah, Aradise is your Joomla! specialist.