Brand Amplitude’s toolkits summarize the key frameworks and concepts marketers use to plan effective brand strategies. Download them here to learn more about how we work with clients and what we teach at in our marketing classes at University of Notre Dame and UC Berkeley.

How to Achieve Customer Centricity

A customer centric mindset based on insights about customer needs and values transforms traditional marketing into a customer journey that sells. Learn from leading brands that made the shift in this brief presentation.

pdfAchieving Customer Centricity Through Insights1.21 MB

Using Net Promoter for Internal Customers

Net Promoter Scores can be used to achieve one satisfaction metric across your entire organization. Learn how to adapt this powerful tool for use with internal customers. 

pdfUsing Net Promoter for Internal Customers603.48 KB

How to Assess and Track Brand Health

What is not measured is not managed. Learn how to identify key performance indicators to assess and improve the performance of your brand.

pdfCustomer Tracking Insights1.57 MB

How to Conduct a Brand Audit

A rigorous brand audit reveals insights needed to create powerful strategies. Learn how to identify your brand's strengths and diagnose its vulnerabilities. 

pdfBrand Audit Toolkit1.97 MB

How to Organize a Brand Portfolio

Too many brands and trademarks to support? Not enough? Learn how portfolio strategy can optimize resources and unleash growth.

pdfBrand Architecture Toolkit1.28 MB

How to Define Brand Platform

A brand platform provides a roadmap for brand building. Learn how to create a compelling brand vision, narrative and positioning to inspire your brand building efforts.

pdfBrand Identity Toolkit1.15 MB