Brand Consulting

A rigorous brand planning process provides a solid foundation for brand development.

Brand strategy is the face of a company’s business strategy, so it is essential to align business goals with brand goals. When done well, the brand becomes a strategic asset that will pay dividends in customer loyalty, advocacy and resilience.

At Brand Amplitude, we don’t believe strong brands happen by accident. That’s why we take a systematic approach to brands, starting with strategy and ending with measurement. We have a robust set of tools to help your team make the most of each step. Our engagements range from brand strategy workshops to define brand meaning to multiple phase engagements to explore customer needs and opportunities for stronger, more differentiated brands.


brand development

A Brand Audit describes and evaluates the current state of a brand and its effectiveness in achieving a company’s business objectives. This assessment is the first step in brand strategy development and is used to diagnose where the brand strengths lie as well as to identify potential vulnerabilities or shortcomings. It is the foundation on which the other steps depend.

For more information on conducting a brand audit, check out our pdfHow to Conduct a Brand Audit1.97 MB