Audience Insights

Understanding the market is the first step to customer engagement

A deep understanding of the market is essential to designing strategies for reaching new audiences and developing deeper relationships with existing customers. An effective insights engine has five characteristics.


Inspire ideas and action, not just inform.


Based on data, not hearsay.


Generate fresh ideas about business growth opportunities, not just reduce risk.


Integrate multiple data streams, not just primary and secondary research.


Embraced and used by the organization, and its partners, not just marketers.


Available on demand, not locked away in presentations.

Effective brand management requires feedback. Positioning concepts, message and creative can be refined and enhanced by understanding customer response. We tailor-fit each project to the stimuli to be tested, using a variety of qualitative and quantitative approaches.

All of our engagements are led by our team of experienced research professionals, and never outsourced. We do all our research in-house, including recruiting and data analysis.

Our focus is on actionable findings, and we include key decision-makers in our process upfront to help ensure recommendations are acted upon.

Market Research

  • Meta-Analysis of Existing Information & Gaps Assessment
  • Current Customer & Market Profiling
  • Market Trends Identification & Analysis
  • Opportunity Sizing & Assessment
 Exploratory Research
  • Insights Explorations (IDI’s, Online Focus Groups, Ethnography)
  • Customer Decision-Making (Laddering & Decision Mapping)
  • Segmentation (Customer, Need States, other)
 Brand Measurement 
  • Brand Equity Measurement
  • Awareness & Perceptions Tracking
 Quantitative Testing 
  • New Product Concept Tests
  • Positioning Evaluations
  • Packaging Tests
  • Communications & Message Tests
Download for a complete description of our insights offerings pdfQualitative Insights2.64 MB and pdfMeasuring Marketing Effectiveness1.57 MB.
"Insights are no longer just for market researchers, it’s the job of everyone in the organization. Employees are also consumers, they should be understanding people as part of their jobs."

Getting Started

Changing the mindset around market research takes a concerted effort that can yield tangible benefits.

  • Conduct a market research audit – What insights are critical to moving the business forward. Which research contributes most to insights? Where are the gaps?
  • Foster a passion for insights – Encourage every every part of the organization to recognize the importance of insights and contribute to generating them.
  • Transform market research to an “insights engine”– Require each research program has a plan to ensure findings have impact.
  • Build an insights repository – Insights have a shelf life - what can you do to ensure that the most promising insights are accessible and understood?