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    The Brand Strategy Toolkit

    Great brands can happen by accident, but long term success requires a plan. Build your plan with our new e-book, “The Brand Strategy Toolkit.”


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    Customer Insights

    Customer insights make it possible to build a brand people will love, not just buy. Learn how to discern brand building insights.


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    Laddering For Positioning

    Many decisions are motivated by how customers want to feel, not just what they think. Learn about using laddering research to create powerful positionings.


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    Put an End to Brand Babble

    Do you know the difference between a brand identity, brand personality, brand image, and brand positioning? Help put an end brand babble with these definitions.


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    Relevance vs. Preference

    Which is better? A brand that’s relevant or a brand that’s preferred? Learn why brand relevance trumps preference.


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  • Insights

    A meaningful brand reflects the values and motivations of its customers. Learn how we combine the latest high tech research tools with traditional testing methods to uncover business building insights.

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  • Toolkits

    Need to learn how to craft a positioning? Optimize brand architecture? Conduct a brand audit? Check out our brand strategy toolkits.

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  • Millennials

    Millennials represent the future market for every brand and every business. They think different. Is your brand Millennial ready?

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  • Branding

    Sustaining a brand has never been more important - or more difficult. To stay relevant, today’s brands must anticipate changes in customer values, social media,culture and more. Check out our latest perspectives on maintaining a meaningful brand.

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