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    The Brand Strategy Toolkit

    Great brands can happen by accident, but long term success requires a plan. Build your plan with our new e-book, “The Brand Strategy Toolkit.”

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    Data or Insight?

    Businesses have easy access to unprecedented amounts of customer data and marketplace information, but struggle to identify game-changing insights. Learn how we identify brand building home runs.

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    Too Many Brands? Too Few?

    The brand portfolio is the face of a business and brand architecture is how customers come to understand what the business offers. Learn how to organize your brands for growth.

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    Expense or Investment?

    A skilled market researcher makes sure decision-makers get the most for their money. Learn how to avoid seven common market research mistakes.

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    Information or Action?

    Insights are vital to an organization’s future. Learn how we use insights to inspire ideas, provoke action and transform brands and businesses.

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Case Studies

  • angielistDriving Customer Acquisition and Retention

    Conveying the Angie’s List value proposition to consumers who expect online services to be free can be a challenge, but Angie’s List has worked a small miracle. Through aggressive media investments and a strong focus on delivering its core services, Angie’s List has acquired over 3 million paying members who renew at an astounding rate of 77% on average.

    Over a 3 year period, we’ve worked with Angie’s List to build a strong foundation for understanding how homeowners deal with the challenge of purchasing local services. Through a series of quantitative and qualitative research studies combined with strategic consulting, we’ve helped clarify the brand vision to stay ahead of competitors the likes of Amazon and Home Advisor and prioritize new initiatives like the recently announced Angie's Fair Price Guarantee and the Angie's Service Quality Guarantee.

    Today, 21% of consumers surveyed said they would use Angie’s List first to find a contractor. This far exceeds those who would first use any other source, including Yelp and Amazon Home Services.

    To learn how we can help your business, download our capabilities presentation, “Insights to Action: Our Offerings”

  • okocat logoökocat Natural Cat Litter

    In early 2013, Healthy Pet decided to enter the fast growing natural fiber cat litter category. Just one year later, they introduced a line of super-absorbent, wood-based cat litter products called ökocat  (German for 'eco-cat'). This speed-defying marketing feat was accomplished through close collaboration between the Healthy Pet brand team, their design and advertising teams and Brand Amplitude. 

    Working together, we identified and leveraged consumer insights each step of the way from sizing the opportunity, to identifying the target and determining the right configuration of features to positioning. We also helped determine how many SKU’s made up the optimal line and what those items should be. 

    Learn more about our collaboration in this PPT.
  • homeThink Millennials only rent their homes? Think again. While it’s true that the rate of young adult homeownership took a hit in recent years, Millennials make up 13% of all homeowners and 32% of recent home buyers. They spend on their homes at the same rate as other homeowners, and when they make decisions they rely on online information from Yelp and Angie’s List as well as other social media sites. In fact, Millennials are more likely than older homeowners to belong to Angie’s List.

    Learn more about what we know about this increasingly important segment of consumers in “Millennials and Homeownership”