At Brand Amplitude, we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest market research techniques and match them to clients' needs. Our right-sized qualitative and quantitative methods draw on both traditional and new research methods to uncover deep insights about what drives customer decision-making. Our experience as marketers allows us to leverage these insights into winning brand and marketing strategy recommendations.

  • Unleash Profitable Growth

    act nowWe want our clients to experience extraordinary growth through a deeper understanding of what drives their business and making decisions that help them outsmart the competition.

    We ask the right questions and identify meaningful insights to uncover business problems and opportunities.

    We aren’t finished until we create compelling recommendations that inspire decision makers to take action.

  • Insights Based Consulting Firm

    golden appleWe are an insights-based brand strategy consulting firm. Years of experience allow us to more quickly discern what is important and actionable, leveraging data allows us to be confident that what we are seeing is real.

    Businesses have easy access to unprecedented amounts of customer data and marketplace information, but struggle to identify insights and turn them into to action.

    We help make decisions easier and judgments clearer through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore.

  • Proven Processes for Getting Results

    green appleGood outcomes rarely result from bad processes. Our processes reflect our purpose of actionable insights.

    We are hands on, with all projects co-lead by company principles, Carol Phillips and Judy Hopelain, and research executed by our in-house team.

    We ask the right questions, involving decision-makers early on in the framing process

    We work smart by practicing purposeful exploration and application of data, evaluating and integrating all available sources

    We involve decision-makers in the findings to take research out of the realm of insights and into the world of action

  • What Makes Us Different?

    We Have a Unique Approach

    Our approach of combining insights with practical marketing recommendations elevates the role of research. We ensure results are actionable and have real business impact.

    We loved it when one of our clients described us as a ‘black jelly bean’, by which he meant we work differently than other firms. Ever since, we have proudly adopted the black jelly bean as our rallying cry.

    Clients look to us for:
    • Fast, efficient, cost effective approach
    • Right-sized, tailored solutions
    • Actionable ideas
    • Organization-wide impact
    • Flexible collaboration
  • Why Brand Amplitude?

    What Do Our Clients Say?

    We are proud of our client list and even prouder of what our clients say about us. Here’s a sampling:
    jcrewlogo mckessonlogo
    “We wanted you to know how helpful your work was. So appreciate all the hard work and thought that went into it. Thanks so much!"

    Diego Scotti,
    SVP Marketing, J Crew (now CMO, Verizon)

    “We’re confident that our refined messaging is absolutely directionally correct, and I’m eager to see the results over time.  I wish all of my projects went so well!”

    Paul Froehlich,
    Product Marketing Manager, McKesson

    logo outward bound angieslist
    “The project was a great success. It accomplished a great deal in terms of actionable information, validation of some beliefs and also appropriately challenging some strongly held internal beliefs.”

    Peter Steinhauser,
    SVPMarketing, Outward Bound
    "I've worked with Carol and Judy for about 2 years. During that time I've also worked with another (more expensive, bigger, better known) brand consulting firm and I won't go back!"

    Christie Hurst,
    Director of Product Research, Angies List